As a South Florida native, Chad E. Hodder has been working with Florida's building codes for over 28 years.  He started working in the construction and air conditioning fields alongside his father when he was a teenager.  As he got older, he realized that he has an eye for seeking imperfections and decided to take up home inspections.  The knowledge he gained from working in the construction and air conditioning fields made him a better home inspector.

Chad currently holds state licenses and insurance as a General Contractor (CGC1521376), HVAC Contractor (CAC056908), and Home Inspector (HI1464).  His hard-working and honest work ethic has earned him a satisfactory reputation in all three fields.  He will not quit until the job is completed and perfected.  Chad prides himself on making sure the customer is satisfied with the work he has performed.

With Chad's knowledge of construction, HVAC services, and home inspecting, no one is more qualified for the job.

Our founder - chad hodder